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Jesus Calling Creative Coloring And Hand Lettering Maximize

Jesus Calling Creative Coloring And Hand Lettering

Experience Peace In His Presence

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Enjoy peace in the presence of the Savior as you relax and reflect on the words of Jesus Calling through this gorgeous new Jesus Calling Creative Coloring & Hand Lettering. Favorite Jesus Calling quotes and scriptures are selected to hand letter-with a tutorial in the front of the book and faint guidelines on each lettering page-alongside 100 beautifully detailed coloring pages. Book includes quotes from Jesus Calling, 100 pages of intricate coloring designs, a tutorial and templates to learn basic hand lettering, and perforated pages. In addition to the beautiful, intricate adult coloring book art, enjoy learning the art of hand lettering with a simple guided tutorial and templates for hand lettering throughout the book. In the same way that the bestselling devotional offers a moment of peace during your busy day, so this new coloring book will remind you of His still, quiet voice in the midst of a bustling world.